Used Cars for Sale in Dallas, TX

If you're looking for something that's midsize or compact at an affordable price, then consider buying a used car at Audi Dallas. Our inventory of used cars ranges from sedans, coupes, convertibles, and hatchbacks. Check out our inventory to see what we have available and take any of our models for a test drive. Let's help you find a used car that's within your budget and perfect for your daily commute.

Why Buy a Used Car in Dallas, TX?

Besides the lower starting price, what other benefits does buying a used car have compared to buying a new car? When you buy a new car, you'll pay less in insurance fees, and you'll pay less in repair costs over time. Used cars have already gone through most of their depreciation, which means they hold their value better than new cars. This is important for when you go to resell the vehicle.   Used vehicles have accessible vehicle history reports that allow you to see how the owner treated the vehicle before, if the vehicle was well maintained, and if the vehicle was in any accidents. Plus, there is a larger variety of used vehicles on the market than there are new cars, which makes it easier to shop for a used car. Enjoy all of the benefits of a used car at a great price when you shop at Audi Dallas.

Financing Your Used Car at Audi Dallas

When you find a used car that's fit for your driving needs, our finance center will help you find out your options, whether you want to buy or lease. We'll sit with you and go over any questions and concerns you may have, so all you'll have to worry about is where you'll park your new ride. Apply for financing at Audi Dallas to save time at the dealership, and use our payment calculator to estimate how much you'll pay each month.

Value Your Trade at Audi Dallas

Before buying one of our used vehicles for sale at Audi Dallas, value your trade to see what you can get for your current ride. Once you have your estimated trade-in value for your current car, bring it to our dealership for a trade-in. Our trade-in process is quick, simple, and can get you a same-day cash offer for your vehicle. With a great cash offer, you'll have more money to put down towards one of our used models.

Due to ongoing parts shortage issues impacting global production, the availability of some equipment, options or features may be limited. Please contact your local Audi Dealer for more information, and be sure to verify the vehicle you purchase includes all expected features and equipment. Thank you for your patience as we work to navigate these limitations.