Audi of Dallas Supports the Community

As a longstanding dealership serving the greater Dallas area, Audi of Dallas is proud to support those communities we strive to serve with exceptionally well-built Audi models. After reviewing this page, we hope you'll find that our commitment extends well beyond car sales and automotive repairs and maintenance. We hold our roots in our community dear to our hearts which is why we've partnered with a number of programs to help make Dallas a better place to call home.


The Family Place Partner Card

Working to prevent domestic violence is always an ongoing struggle. By purchasing a Partners Card you can help support this 27-year-old program to help prevent needless domestic violence in the Dallas area. After making this one-time purchase, you'll be able to save up to 20 percent at select retailers and 10 percent at some of your favorite participating restaurants throughout the Dallas region. Please consider joining Audi of Dallas as we support this incredible cause and program!

American Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast cancer claims tens of thousands of lives each year including the lives of some of those well-loved and respected members of our community. Therefore, we here at Audi of Dallas feel it's our duty to take every step we can to support those diagnosed with this life altering illness. As proud partners with the American Breast Cancer Society, we hope to raise money through charitable donations and spread awareness about breast cancer with the hopes of positively impacting the lives of those individuals diagnosed with this illness.


Dallas Father of the Year

Positive impacts can often reside in figures we look up to and admire. Audi of Dallas has partnered with the Dallas Father of the Year Awards program, a charitable organization that's ultimate goal is to recognize those fathers go above and beyond in both their homes and in the larger community as a whole. To date, this program has recognized and honored 127 fathers while further raising a considerable sum of money for a variety of children's organizations and charities.

Carter BloodCare

With origins in the 1950s, Carter BloodCare is one of Texas' largest blood centers, providing 300,000 units of life-saving blood and blood components to patients in North, Central, and East Texas annually. We save lives by making transfusion possible.