If you want confidence on the road, you'll enjoy driving the Audi S4 because its Quattro all-wheel drive system provides big performance perks on various types of terrain. You can steer this automobile strategically around curves and easily over road hazards by taking advantage of its powerful eight-speed automatic transmission system.

The Quattro drive train has a sporty rear differential; it helps the S4 corner well on roads that have steep curves. Because cornering requires efficient power distribution, the S4's all-wheel drive system implements strategic procedures to give each wheel proper power. However, the Quattro hardware only manages torque if specific tires won't spin when their treads have a firm grip.

Audi S4's automobiles perform well on streets, roads, and trails. You can experience how it operates on a highway after setting up a test drive at Audi Dallas. Our sales team works with potential buyers in many communities throughout Dallas.



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