Clean Your Engine the Right Way

At Audi Dallas in Dallas, TX, we want to help our customers keep their vehicles in good condition. Although you may keep the outside of your vehicle clean, how well do you clean the components under the hood? Your engine should be cleaned every year or so, and we can help you clean it the right way with these tips.

If you can, try to clean your vehicle's engine on a warm day when the humidity is low. Windy weather will also help the engine and its components dry faster. Do not try to clean your engine if it's hot. If you have driven your vehicle, let the engine cool for about 15 minutes.

Remove the negative terminal from the battery and any plastic components from under the hood. You should also cover electrical components that could become damaged from the degreaser or water. Spray the engine and its components with degreaser, and a synthetic scrub brush can be handy when removing caked-on dirt and oil. Once you rinse the engine, you can remove excess water with compression air or a towel.

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