2017 Audi TT Walk Around

The Audi TT was an original design when it was introduced in the late 1990s, and if it’s not today, that’s only because others have gone in the direction of the TT. So maybe it could be called iconic today, for the style that remains, with tucked-in overhangs and rounded edges. Not quite as iconic as the upside-down-bathtub Porsche, but still distinctive.

The redesign for 2016 chiseled the corners a bit, and hunkered it down some, moving the TT a bit in the direction of the mid-engined Audi R8 sports car, its big brother. It’s more expressive. It looks wider, but in fact it’s narrower. The R8 influence shows toward the front of the TT, with its LED matrix headlamps, trapezoid grille, and hood creases to bring a mini-menace.


While the sheetmetal evolved with this generation, the cabin redesign was radical, with a swoopy padded dash that envelopes the driver and hangs over the passenger’s legs like an aircraft wing. The well-coordinated details seem rooted in aerospace or racing. Use your imagination, and you can see jet engines in the round vents, whose centers have climate control adjustments that press and twist.

It’s all purposeful, functional, and reasonably roomy in front, with decent legroom and good adjustability in the driver’s seat. The front seats have good lateral support for the thighs and good bolstering for the back. In the coupe, the rear passengers’ legs will be buckled and heads might hit the hatchback glass.

The interface might even be seen as revolutionary. It’s all about Audi Virtual Cockpit display, using a 12.3-inch high-contrast screen that displays gauges. It’s controlled by voice command, steering-wheel switchgear, and touch pad on the center console, and includes MMI Navigation Plus with Google Earth, plus Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The cabin materials and trim are bold, for example the flamboyant Express Red or Palomino Brown leather to choose over plain black or gray. There’s also Alcantara faux suede. The available S line package has diamond patterning on Nappa leather, and a lighting package enhances the interior’s ambience with accent lighting.

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