2017 Audi TT Driving Impressions

Thanks partly to a weight loss of 110 pounds, the current Audi TT handles lighter and leaner than the 2015 model, and the new aluminum-and-steel composite chassis has a lower center of gravity than before, so it’s slightly better balanced. The progressive steering with variable ratio and variable electric assist allows quick flicks in switchbacks and mountain hairpins, while contributing to stability on the freeway. However road feel is a bit lacking.

The faster TTS uses a magnetic suspension that’s firmer than the TT’s while delivering a better ride on rough pavement. But it, too, doesn’t deliver enough road feel for us.

The TT can do a couple of tricks that add to the fun of spirited driving. There’s a sound track that’s piped into the car when you pick up the pace; and, if you look in the rearview mirror at 75 miles per hour, you’ll see a rear spoiler rise from the deck. Audi says it generates 110 pounds of downforce at 155 mph, which basically means you’ll never feel it. But it looks cool.

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