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Be Prepared for Your Holiday Road Trip With These Top Tips

Holidays are fun and bring lots of joy to families in the Dallas, Texas region. If you plan your road trip well, great memories can come from the trip. A few minutes and a sheet of paper can help you plan your trip so everything is taken care of when it is time to get on the road.

Top Tips for Holiday Traveling

  • Plan around rush hour traffic. Stop for food and gas or take a break during peak traffic times.
  • Pack well. No one likes riding in an overstuffed car. Pack everything the night before you leave to assess…
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Dashboard Warning Lights Tell a Story

If you see warning lights on your dashboard, then it is prime time for you to get your car serviced at Audi Dallas. The warning lights are incredibly helpful to drivers because they remind you of what needs to be done. The dashboard can call your attention to what needs your immediate concern.

For the most part, the dashboard lights will show you common fixes, like your door is ajar or your fuel is running low. However, certain icons indicate extra functions. 

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Why are OEM Replacement Parts Better?

Don't assume that those cheaper parts you see on sale at the auto parts store will help fix the problem that you have with your vehicle. Even if it gets the problem fixed today, it could be inferior and brake down sooner. That means you'll have to fix it again.

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Reasons why Tire Rotation is Important for Your Car

Car experts will always recommend that you perform the tire rotation for your car as part of service and maintenance. It may however not be clear to you why tire rotation is important and how often it should be conducted. Our team of car maintenance experts from Audi Dallas recommends that tire rotation should be conducted every time the car goes for engine oil change service.

This routine service ensures that the tires wear out evenly with time.

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