A Crack in Your Windshield Is a Serious Issue

When you are on the highway, and a piece of debris is kicked up by the truck or car in front of you, it may hit your windshield and crack it. If a crack occurs, it is a serious thing, even though everything looks all right except for the crack.

For one thing, the windshield is probably weakened. One more piece of debris hitting it can shatter it if the vibrations of movement or the changes in temperature do not. The thing to do is call us here at Audi Dallas in Dallas, TX. We will help you by assessing the damage to your vehicle’s windshield and going about the proper process to either repair or replace it. The equipment we use at our service center is of high quality and will provide your vehicle with the proper service it needs. Even the adhesives and gaskets will be top notch. Give us a call, and we will schedule you an appointment to get the process started with repairing or replacing your windshield!

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